Vision Statement

De Corporate home painting and management aims at contributing to the process of revolutionizing the building industry by creating an enduring impression using latest painting and interior design technology in rendering quality service and customer satisfaction.

The Company

De Corporate home painting and management started operation in the turn of the twenty first century with a desire to revolutionize the building industry through the research and introduction of top quality paints P.O.P works and other forms of interior design so as to match up with international standard.
Over the years, we have evolved in our trade as one of the leaders in the industry, specializing breathe taking paint colors and state of the art interior works.
The company is committed to continuous research on the best painting and designs that are obtainable in the world. Our staff gets first hand technical knowledge in provision of our core services, thereby ensuring that our clients are well advised and guided on their choices. The company became fully incorporated last year.

Managing Director

We ventured into painting and interior designs with a view in recreating dazzling paintings and revolutionizing the building industry.
In todays building world, finishing plays an important part, interest in quality of paints and interior designs is very evident.
We realized that service provision in these areas require highly specialized skills and personnel, which is why we constantly equip our staff with best training to ensure best quality in service delivery.